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Our Inspiration Kits turn traditional Jewellery Making Kits on their head.


Each kit contains enough materials to make 3 pieces of jewellery, a Necklace, Bracelet and a pair of Earrings, and includes a tutorial so you can make the same designs as we have, however that's pretty well where the similarities end.


You see we know that some people like bracelets and earrings, but not necklaces.  Or necklaces and bracelets, but not earrings.  And just about every other combination in between.  What we've done with our Inspiration Kits is remove any restrictions, allowing you to decide what jewellery you make.  


Want to make 2 bracelets and a couple of pairs of earrings with your kit?  No problem. Want to make a couple of necklaces and a bracelet?  No problem.  It's all there for you.  In the kit.


We also know that it's all about the beads, and that if you're anything like us you've already got rather a lot of them, so we've left them out of our kits all together. Radical we know but let's face it, when you're shopping for jewellery supplies, beads are usually the easy part - what's more tricky is finding fabulous components to go with them, and coming up with ideas for gorgeous things to make with them.  


So, in the kit you'll find great components, along with a tutorial and inspirational design ideas - with plenty more where they came from on our Pinterest boards.  And all you have to do is 'Just Add Beads'...got a certain ring to it, don't you think?


Now we don't know about you, but a lot of our jewellery making takes place in front of the telly or at the dining table, shuffling beads and bits about on a tray until we see something we like.  Or in the car.  In case you haven't already discovered, you can churn out serious amounts of jewellery on a car journey between London and Edinburgh.   And sometimes you have to stop making jewellery and do other important stuff, you know, like eating.  


This can all make jewellery making a tad precarious at times, with design ideas lost and your beads making a bid for freedom under the sofa.  And what a pain it is, all that having to tidy up and then get everything out again.  Quite simply a waste of valuable making time as far as we're concerned.


We've solved this conundrum by including a beadmat and workbox that you can work on and use to keep your designs safe and sound whilst in progress.  We've even popped all the components into a reusable organiser box that keeps all your precious bits and pieces together.  Ingenious.


There's even a stylish organza bag.  Somewhere safe to store your masterpieces once made, or to present them in if you can bear to give them away.


Time to let those creative juices flow.  You're welcome.

Box_3 Jewellery Box_4 Yes! Show me the kits, I want to be inspired!