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Now if you covet designer jewellery have we got a treat for you!  How does original, bang on trend, limited edition jewellery sound?


You see we love designer jewellery too.  Particularly the sort of jewellery you buy in high-end High Street shops...you know, the sort of jewellery that has you stroking the jewellery cabinet, whilst gazing wistfully into the distance as you imagine how wonderfully *that* necklace would go with your favourite outfit.  The sort of jewellery that's just what you've been looking for but, look at the price...almost as much as the outfit itself.  We don't know about you, but here at JAB HQ that makes us glum.  


So we thought what if you could own high-end designer jewellery at a fraction of the price by making it yourself?  Ah, but then you'd have to source all the bits and pieces and learn how to make jewellery, we hear you say!  


Fear not - everything needed is in the kit.  All you need to do is supply and operate a couple of pairs of pliers as our great step-by-step instructions guide you painlessly through.  And of course once done, not only will you have the satisfaction of wearing something fabulous, when someone asks where you got it from you'll own the bragging rights too! "Oh, just a little something I knocked up..."


Now a little known fact is that  jewellery making can be a tad precarious at times, as a lot of it takes place on laps in front of the telly or at the dining table.  So each kit comes with a beadmat and workbox that you can work on and use to keep your designs safe and sound whilst in progress.  Our work boxes make tidying up a breeze too, although it's not unreasonable to expect the dining table to be solely for your jewellery making use...is it?


We've even included a stylish organza bag.  Somewhere special to store your masterpiece once made, or to present it in if you can bear to give it away.


Convenient, simple and stylish.  Everything a jewellery making kit should be.

Yes! Show me the kits, I want to unleash my inner designer! Pearl Tassel NL6 Pearl Tassel Box