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We're Julie & Sharron.  Thank you so much for taking an interest and stopping by.


Just Add Beads was created out of frustration in the main. With 20 years jewellery making experience between us, spent making our own designer jewellery and teaching others, we're seasoned jewellery makers who wanted it all when it came to jewellery making kits.  You see, we love all the convenience of them - not having to think up a design, the fact that someone else has scoured bead shops for components (and paid all that postage too!), the fact that all you have to do is find a free hour or two and you can create something fab.  It's all good stuff, however we don't like to be restricted, that just stifles creativity, and there were a few other things that we were looking for from a jewellery making kit.  


We wanted kits that worked, with great instructions and no missing components - in fact we felt having a few components left over would be a good thing.  You never know when you might need an extra jump ring or charm.


We wanted kits that enabled us to make the sort of jewellery you would buy in high-end High Street shops...at a fraction of the price, of course.  But we didn't want rip-off designs, we wanted bang on trend,  limited edition designs that were unique - not copies.


We wanted kits that were inspiring and flexible enough to make the designs our own.  You know, a piece of jewellery individual to you, made with beads you like...perhaps using beads you already own.


We didn't want to work with any old rubbish either, we wanted high-quality, unusual jewellery making components too.  Components that you really, really like.  Components you can't wait to make into something.


We wanted the kits to be suitable for all levels of experience - after all, why shouldn't everyone be able to make fabulous jewellery?


We wanted the packaging to be useful.  Packaging that helps you create and get organised so that you   spend less time sorting and more time making.  And how great would it be if the packaging enabled you to make on the go?  Be gone boring journeys!


Too much to ask for?  For some perhaps, but we don't think so.  Why not have a browse of our jewellery making kits and see what you think?  


And please, do contact us if you've any questions at all.  We'd love to hear from you.

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Julie & Sharron xx